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We have a lot of information on this first page that deals with your handicap, the Titleist Loyalty Rewards Program, and several changes for the 2015 season here at PGC.  Please read through this and contact us if you need more information or clarification on any of this.  

The Blue Golf Handicap System now to be referred to as iGolf

Starting this golf season, the Indiana Golf Association is rolling out a new Membership program called iGolf.  Everyone who pays for a handicap will automatically be enrolled into this program (the handicap system, for IGA purposes,  will not be referred to as Blue Golf anymore).  iGolf is designed to enhance the benefits that our members receive.  

iGolf benefits are as follows:
**Subscription to Golf Digest
**On-line subscription to iGolf Indiana
**Invitation to iGolf Member only Play Days at various courses around Indiana.  Play days will provide iGolf Members with reduce rates
   at select locations.
**Discounts at Robert Trent Jones Trail locations
**A USGA Handicap through the IGA-PGA

The goal of the IGA-PGA is to add additional benefits in the future to include more travel discounts,  additional play days, potential corporate discounts and possibly ticket discounts.  You can access the dedicated iGolf web page by going to www.indianagolf.org

So what does all of this mean to Portland Golf Club players who join our handicap program for $35.  Nothing is going to change for you in the way we put scores into the computer, the times for revisions, or how the handicaps will be displayed here at PGC.  You will just get access to the above mentioned benefits.  

Please consider getting your handicap through the Portland Golf Club.  Remember that to play in our club events, including the mens league, you must have an established handicap through us.

As in the past, we will give you a date for joining after we must mark you as INACTIVE until you join the handicap program.

 Titleist Loyalty Rewards Program  

Runs from March 12 thru April 12.

It is very similar as before:  Purchase 3 dozen or more Titleist Pro V1 or Pro V1x and receive 1 dozen of the same ball type FREE.  Maximum 1 no charge dozen per imprint/customer.  All qualifying orders must be of the same ball type, imprint and ink color. All golf balls MUST be imprinted.   
Option 1
 Choose standard play number (1-4) or (5-8).  Personalize golf balls with the imprint of your choice at no charge.  
Option 2
 Choose the same play number (00, 1-99) for every ball.  Personalize golf balls with the imprint of your choice at no charge.  

Contact the Pro Shop for more info or to place an order.

The Pro V1 series for 2015 have softer feeling and sounding covers.  The clicking sound that you heard with the Pro V1x has been greatly reduced, especially with the putter.

Several changes for 2015

#1  There is a BIG change in the Men's Leagues for 2015.  Due to the lousy Springs that have disrupted our Spring Leagues over the past several Springs, we will NOT be having a Spring League this year.  The Summer League, now to be known simply as the "Men's League", will be extended from 12 weeks to 14 weeks.  We plan to start on Wednesday, May 20th and have a 7 week session.  We will then take the Fair Week off and end with another 7 week session.  The league will end the last Wednesday in August.  We have not finalized how what the payout format will look like at this time.  Check it out at Mens League Schedule.  We hope you can participate and don't worry if you have to miss some dates, as we always have several quality subs.

#2  Along with the Net Match Play Tournament and the 2-Man Team Match Play Tournament, we are having a Gross Match Play Tournament in 2015.  This will be played using the same format as the Net Match Play, only no strokes will be given.   You can see information about all three of these Match Play Events at Mens Tourney Schedule.  We may even try to arrange for some Spring or Fall evening 9 hole events: such a a 1 man scramble or worst shot scramble, member/guest, throw out your worst hole score, just to name a few.

#3  We want to experiment with changing the par of the golf course to 72.  We will have a tee station farther back on Hole #5.  When you play from there, #5 will be played as a par 5.  We are also putting a tee station farther back on Hole #18 to make this a "risk / reward" par 4 hole.  We had a few people play these holes this way late last Fall and liked playing both holes the new way.  You do not have to play the holes the new way every time you play, but we would like for you to give it a try and then give us your feedback on each hole.  We will make a decision sometime in the summer on whether to make the changes permanent.

#4  Dave has painted various parts of the pro shop to brighten it up.  He also painted in the men's restroom, the snack bar, and the storage room to the north of the snack bar.  Plans are being made for sprucing up around the outside of the clubhouse with some painting to follow.  

#5  All flag sticks have been painted and new flags are already on each flag stick.  With our exploring changes to holes #5 and #18, you may see different mowing patterns, especially for hole #18 and along the creek on #1.  

#6  We mentioned in 2014 that the Indiana Golf Association increased the cost to us for the Blue Golf Handicap Program. We did not increase your cost for this in 2014, but the cost of your Blue Golf Handicap will go up from $30 to $35 in 2015.  As with everything else, the cost of operating this system is not immune to increases. Please remember, that you must be part of this system to play in the men's league or any of the club's tournaments, including Jerry's monthly tournaments. We appreciate your understanding of this situation.

#7  As you can see on this page, we now have links to other pages at both the top and bottom of most pages. We hope this makes your navigation of this site a little easier.  We do our best to keep everything on our website as up-to-date as possible.  Please refer to it often for course conditions, event results, course restrictions due to outings, along with the many other activities that take place at the Portland Golf Club.

#8  Under our logo in the upper left hand corner, we will list the date for the latest update of this website.

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